GNT Trading was set up in 2007 for the purpose of developing a chain of coffee shops with a special emphasis on high quality coffee drinks and original pastry for a more pleasurable experience. In 2011 the company focused its operations on the production of confectionery and started making desserts with a truly memorable taste.

The first confectionery products of the company which were created for a wider audience were the Lava Cake, the Mascarpone & Hazelnut Cream Cake, and the Chocolate Ganache Cake. These three products enjoyed great popularity among the lovers of sweet treats and laid the foundations of a very successful series of different kinds of pastry touching on a wide range of taste sensations. This was the beginning of the Taste It brand.

No resources or materials were spared in the development of each new product in order to get just the right and very distinctive taste. Each of our products is made and tasted dozens of time before it even gets the chance to reach our end customers. We created our French Rustic Cake, then our authentic Tiramisu, the White Chocolate & Coconut Cake, the White Chocolate & Raspberry Cake, the Black Cherries Cream Cake, etc. Each of these products is special in its own way and creates a different sensation.

One thing, however, stays the same: uncompromising quality of the raw materials: our company imports its mascarpone from Italy, its crème fraîche from Belgium, its cream cheese from Spain, as well as the high quality Italian chocolate and other products we use.


  • We select with great care all the products that we use and try to achieve optimal results with them.
  • Because every new product has its own memorable taste which sets it apart from all others.
  • Because WE take care of OUR customers by offering products of great quality and purity.
  • Because we really love what we do.

In 2016 our company created the Madame Gateau brand. The new brand was created for the purpose of presenting the products of our company outside the borders of the country.