GNT Trading Ltd has been on the Bulgarian market since 2007 and for a period of 10 years it has been working successfully with leading suppliers of dairy products and confectionery materials, such as Miko-12; Nova Gel; Kostadinov-Raykov Fivepi; Pick Co; Plastic; Assa Plast; EOS LD; Interfoods; Interion; etc. We have successful partnerships with suppliers of various types of equipment, including Tomeco; Buto; A.N.L. Bulgaria; Union Kehlibar, etc.


GNT Trading Ltd has a successful partnership with the HAPPY restaurant chain and collaborates very efficiently with Fantastico, Lidl, Kome, Nikon, CBA, Tranchev Ltd, and other chain stores.


Our company is working toward extending its distribution network throughout the country. Currently you can contact any of our partners across Bulgaria:

Stara Zagora

The clients in Stara Zagora, please call: +359 878 95 55 14