Packaging made in a nitrogen environment

New and modern production facilities

Our company divides its work between two production modules:


Sofia, Orlandovtsi Housing District, 19-А Ovcharska Street, Madame Gateau Confectionery

The production premises occupy an area of 340 m2 + parking spaces for delivery and dispatch of goods, as well as warehouses and refrigeration rooms.

Currently the production processes are carried out by 14 pastry cooks.


Stara Zagora, 49 Slavyanski Blvd, Floor 1

This production site was opened and equipped with the support of the European Programme for Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises implemented by the Ministry of Economy, which provided some of the funds while the rest came from the personal funds of the company. The production unit occupies an area of more than 330 m2 and includes a warehouse and over 80 m3 of refrigeration space.

New packaging machines were introduced using a better packaging technology for the confectionery, to prolong its shelf life.

Currently the production processes are carried out by 9 pastry cooks.